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    Getting error code "80070652" while updating my Windows 8

    Hello, There is an error message in my windows 8 pc while updating the security updates. originally all these updates used to be done automatically once internet connection is established with the system and it doesn't require any manual settings, but now a days, there is an error message popped up regularly and the security updates are not working(not updating) and the error message is "80070652". Now tell me what are these numbers and also give me a method to fix this error message permanently, and make my pc behave normally as earlier. I hope you respond soon to my query, thank you all.

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    Re: Getting error code "80070652" while updating my Windows 8

    Hi aspirant,

    Error code "80070652" shows up while updating my Windows 8 because....

    *While updating system is windows is unable to connect with the windowsupdate.microsoft.com or being redirected or blocked.
    *Your network ans sharing settings has been altered.
    *Host files are tampered.

    Follow these steps to resolve these errors.....

    *Go to the security software.
    *Ensure a safe connection with windowsupdate.microsoft.com is allowed.
    *Navigate yourself to control panel and open it.
    *Then locate the option Advanced Store troubleshooting.
    *Enter the option and edit the hosts file or revert to default.
    *Then go to the section Blocked by configuration: Windows 8.
    *Then you can see an option named Rebuild network information.
    *Get your network settings restored from another known-good system and network.
    *If you can not handle the editing then better seek the help of service center.

    ALL THE BEST......

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    Re: Getting error code "80070652" while updating my Windows 8


    Reply : Getting error code "80070652" while updating my Windows 8

    Error 80070652 usually means that a previous installation of updates has not been completed successfully.

    Follow this steps to solve this......

    Step : 1. Check for the updates that have failed to install.

    Step : 2. Open Windows Update by clicking the Start button.
    In the search box, type Update, and then, in the list of results, click Windows Update.

    Step : 3. In the left pane, click View update history.

    Step : 4. Now find an update for Windows that as failed to install, and then double-click the update to view more

    Step : 5. You can see Updates that have failed to install under the Status column.

    Step : 6. In the Windows Update dialog box, find Error details and review the error code for the failed update.

    I hope this helps........

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    Re: Getting error code "80070652" while updating my Windows 8

    Hello dear,
    Reason and solution of your this problem is given below please follow it:-

    1> this problem is mostly occurred when your previous window is successfully update..
    2> or when your system suffering from virus problem..
    3> so please first of all check the previous installation of window and scan the system..
    4> if you now want to update your system window please open the micro soft official page..
    5> and update the system window here and provide the good internet speed during this operation to your system..
    6> i am sure dear now you can easily update the window..
    all the best dear...
    have a nice day....

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    Re: Getting error code "80070652" while updating my Windows 8


    Reply : Getting error code "80070652" while updating my Windows 8

    Follow this steps to solve this.....

    => Restart your computer and go to make sure that the drivers for the Windows installer are up to date and performing
    => Drivers are need to establish relational between Software and hardware of computer


    => Update that are currently downloaded but that have not yet been installed. You have to be download again.
    => For downloading update you can use Windows Update or Microsoft Update
    => Install that downloaded updates.

    I hope this helps...

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    Re: Getting error code "80070652" while updating my Windows 8

    Are there any antivirus running on your pc.?If so then turn off it.
    and try to run update.Or you can perform clean boot.
    This due to some service that you are running that is stoping your computer from updating.

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